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Tyler Wu

74 0
Age: 26
Height: 5'9"
Dick Size: 8 inches pierced and uncut

Hey guys and welcome to my site! I'm Tyler, a former figure skater and theme park performer who is finally enjoying letting the world see my sexy side. You might know me from online fan sites, but this is my first venture into producing my own “more professional” porn. I'm a natural exhibitionist, so I enjoy showing off my cock and tight body to you. I work out 5 times a week to keep in good shape, and spend my free time traveling the world and having great sex with all the hot guys I can find. I hope you will enjoy my videos as well and see more of me around these parts in the neaar future! In addition to all my videos and photos my Developers are working to add a feature so that as a member, you can message me live and tell me all your dirtiest fantasies! Let cum and play together. :)

Comments (16)

Hikerboy on 01 Jan 22
Love this site and your CB shows. So hot and sexy. Thanks for sharing. Hikerboy
Willylov on 01 Jan 22
Hi Sexy Tyler I seem to miss or can't stay for your shows guess I'll catch you here. Love ? babe
SimonHM on 05 Jan 22
Happy & Healthy New Year Master Tyler, it's your number one fan from London. I have just joined your website. taking advantage of the generous 30% discount offered. One question Sir, the email confirmation actually came from Peterfever.com, so does it mean I have subscribed to your site or have I subscribed to both? I ask as you know my financial situation. I must admit following all of your content across the multiple sites, it's clear to see how my Master has been ranked 4th on Pornhub. Although of course I believe you should be Ranked Number 1!
wanttylersdick on 11 Jan 22
I just joined the site. I'm enjoying it so far. My only request would be that you let your pubs grow out. I think a nice bush is very masculine. I look forward to new content.
jdr66web on 16 Apr 22
Really great to see you launch this website, Tyler. You are one hell of a sexy boy with great attitude .. definitely one of my favourite porn stars ! My own personal kink is BDSM and so I hope you do more videos on this theme - either as Master or Slave, you make me equally hard :p I also really like Dane Jaxson - so I hope you can do more collabs with him and put those videos here. Wish you great success and loads of cums (oops, I meant fun) while doing it .. :D
marrump on 26 Apr 22
I agree on the pubes and armpit hair comment. too many models shave too much. a smooth clean asshole is nice to eat, but hairy pubes above the cock and armpit hair is masculine and removes the little boy/girl look. I love men not pubescent boys. also the best musk of a man clings to the hair in his crotch. without it... something is missing when I take the cock deep and there is no hair in my nose.
yujinjie on 04 May 22
Your body are so sexy.
Wox85 on 08 Aug 22
Hola! Me encanta lo caliente que eres!! Me gustaría que me follaras duro ;)
swissguy on 23 Aug 22
Dear Tyler i live in Zürich, have you any plans to come to Zürich, let me know would love to meet you
swissguy on 23 Aug 22
Dear Tyler i live in Zürich, have you any plans to come to Zürich, let me know would love to meet you kisses Jaap
Kimobean29 on 20 Nov 22
You had me at cum...
OryoYim on 04 Feb 23
Hi Tyler, Your site and content are amazing. You have no idea how much it helped me with my sexuality. I like how healthy and still hella hot your videos are. Your work on lights, shots and atmosphere are stunning. Love that you keep it genuine. Take care, Love from France.
mauricecasillas on 06 Feb 23
Really enjoy your site Tyler. Please don’t stop making content for all of us.
styleandrhythm on 07 Feb 23
Hey man awesome videos. Would be cool to see more edging with you really being pushed and struggling not to cum.
HenriS on 18 Jun 23
Hi Tyler. Tu es trop beau et sexy. Mon rêve est de faire l’amour avec toi !
SC on 30 Jun 23
Tyler, love you.

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